I honestly look for this author when I’m around books. So far I’ve enjoyed her writings…and then I got this one. This was just so/so for me and I honestly couldn’t get involved in the book.

A cursed diamond necklace links two-stories-in-one romance..that occur centuries apart. Story one: Evangeline Munroe is on the searching for a husband in London. She picks two men to enter the lighting round of marriage consideration. However, when she is give a massive 169 carat diamond necklace, she refuses to believe that it’s cursed. But as soon as she takes it out of the box, her carriage collides with another carrying the drunken Marquis of Rawley. So the story starts. Soon,  they fall in love despite their continual bad luck. The marquis hides the necklace with a warning note for future generations. In the present day,  the Marquis, Rick Addison, is dating Samantha, a former jewel thief. When she finds the necklace, neither takes the warning note seriously, until everything starts to go wrong…and so the story continues.

Just didn’t like Evangeline’s character and Rick came off as a bit of an ass.

Grade: C



Well this was a hard book for me to get into…honestly, I put it down several times. But I did finally finish it. Phaedra Blair was a so-so heroine. Grade: C

Lucas Rivers aunt has left him a nice chunk of change but he has to convince his childhood frien, Carolyn (Caro) Torrington to marry him.

She finally gives in after a year but it’s only supposed to be a marriage in name only. But Caro has been loving Lucas from afar but he’s a rake. So starts this intriguing book.

Lucas has found a calling in life and isn’t all about his own pleasure. He’s helping out street kids and feeding and educating them isn’t inexpensive. The money he’ll gain by marrying Caro isn’t just for his myriad of mistress…it’s to help his new cause. I hate to add more details because I truly think this book is a gem worth reading on your own. Lucas and Caro care deeply for one other and yet they struggle with their individual fears in regards to their marriage. For a fun-filled and fast-paced story that will grab you from the first page and keep you enchanted right through the end I’d highly recommend No Regrets.

Grade: A


This was my first book by Elizabeth Hoyt. I saw her third book, The Serpent Prince while walking through Barnes & Noble the other day and wondered how a snake could be prince. When I pursed the cover I discovered this was part of a series and off I went to find the first in the series!

The Raven Prince, where do I start?
Well, I really didn’t get the whole story angle about the Raven and the Princess. Sorry, that really didn’t hold my interest. It was the story between Anna and Earl of Swarthingham (Edward de Raaf). Edward survived smallpox. The pox killed his entire immediate family and left him scared. He was an avid researcher and writer of agrarian journals and thus cultivates a friendship with other like-minded rogues who all band together to help each other in times of need. Hence, the building of the Prince series.

While this wasn’t the best or the worst romance I’ve read before, I did enjoy it. If you haven’t found this series, it’s not too far into it so there isn’t much back-reading to do.

I’m not so sure I liked how Edward treated Anna, felt he was a bit of a jerk most of the time. He came round in the end but in between, I thought he was unworthy of her.

Grade: B


I must confess that I’m an avid Regency romance reader as well as a paranormal romance reader. I don’t know why those two, often juxtaposed segements of romance appeal to me but they satisfy my thirst for a great book. This my gentle readers is a book for the Regency must have list. It is a lavishly researched work of art.

At the  center of this novel is Lady Barbara Childe, a red-haired, green-eyed window. She was a scandalous spirit with an insatiable appetite for the gentlemen. Has she met her match in the young and handsome Colonel Audley? He isn’t a push over by any means. Neither is perfect; much to their chagrin.

There is another “character” in this book; the Battle of Waterloo. It plays the major part in this novel and the history of this epic battle is long and detailed. I found myself getting a history lesson at the hands of a master (or would that be ‘mistress’?) whilst reading. It took me time to plow through the descriptions, I won’t lie. But slowing down and taking my time was a great payoff. Colonel Audley won’t tolerate Lady Barbara’s games and she must learn that change isn’t  easy for her but change she must if this relationship is to work out.

I’d love to see what other readers think about this book. I came away with a much better understanding of the Battle of Waterloo and I must confess, awe that this author put so much of her life into research. A pleasure to see in today’s large muddle of romance writing!

Grade: A


The MacCarrick Brothers, Book 3

Oh how I have waited for this book! I just knew that Ethan, the scarred oldest brother and spy/killer for hire, would be the best yet! The heroine, Madeleine van Rowen (Maddy) would have to break through some serious barriers to get her man to love her and believe in that love for both of them.

I wasn’t disappointed. Ethan was horribly disfigured at 23 by the order of a husband of a scheming, cheating wife. The wife happens to be the mother of our heroine, Maddy. Ethan set out to destroy everything the family had and he succeeded. Maddy grew  up in the bowels of Paris, scratching out a life by herself at the tender age of 14. I’m not so sure if I had been in her place I’d have forgiven Ethan in a few pages but that’s neither here nor there, my husband isn’t Scottish. 🙂

The plot was strong but not my favorite. I really liked the heroine, she had pluck. I wasn’t so sure about Ethan. I don’t know if I found Ethan all that charming though. I thought he came across as a lying bastard most of the time.

So ends the series and with that, any understand of why the cover artist put the various cover models in tartans when I swear I don’t remember any of these charcaters in the series actually  WEARING plaid. Yes, I know…they are Scottish. But sometimes, I wish the covers were closer to the storyline.

Grade: B+


I love to read….I love to read romance most of all. I’ve often asked myself why I prefer that cross-section of books/novels.

The authors read over 200 books to answer the question…why do we read what we read? They started with a clear plan and set of rules for their quest to answer those questions.

The authors suggest that we reach for those books that provide quick answers and with that, an easy fix. To challenge ourselves and make the leap to open a book from another, new category is their rallying cry. It is a cry that I whole heartedly agree with! So why is it so hard for me to pick up a simple mystery? I must confess it can be almost painful to pick up a book from a totally foreign section but everytime I do, I know I’m improving myself. To keep challenging my conceptions and comfort levels does make me a more well-rounded person and a more demanding consumer of literature.

One great treat this book provided was a massive list of books the authors provided. I have made a challenge with myself. For every 10 romances, I’ll pick a book off the author’s list and give it a whirl.

Quite an interesting read. If you can, find this book and add a new challenge to your life!
Grade: B+